October 28, 2015

Entry #2

Dear diary,


Today was good!  I went for coffee with a friend.  It was fun!  We’ve never hung out, so it was neat getting to know her a little better!  =0D  Then I went to Raceway to meet with the owner.  We’re having an Art & Sip there, and I got to check out the digs.  They’re COOL!!  The whole place is very…  Retro diner meets Applebee’s junk yard!  Such a neat little place; I like it!

I’ve been REEEEAAALLY busy lately!  Which is great.  I’ve been productive as well, and I’m extremely grateful that these Art & Sip events have been a SUCCESS!!  So far I’ve had 3 successful events, and tomorrow is my 4th.  I’m sure it will be smashing.  =0D  Cheers to the arts!

With Halloween fast approaching, and soon to follow Thanksgiving and THEN our new baby, I’ve been revving up and getting as much done before December comes!  Then begins my first attempt at a world-wide webinar!

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be at Copper Sky for.  I love it there, but…  I just don’t think they appreciate my being there.  They don’t have my (or other instructor’s!) best interests at heart.  Sad, but…  I gotta move on if things don’t change.

Art on the Veranda is coming up.  It’s my first official “Festival of the Arts” show.  I’m super stoked.  All of these artists here in Maricopa are so much fun.  They have great energy, and I like to be around them.  Plus, they make me laugh.

My babies are doing well in school (SUCH a blessing!) and they’ve formed a sort of pride.  This is the first time they’ve had school spirit.  I’m really proud of them!

That’s it for me.