November 14, 2015

Art & Sip at Raceway

By Thursday, my kids and I were SPENT!  I was happy to have had Wednesday off from school (it allowed my babies to sleep in).  My babies have been busting @$$ helping their mama out.  My husband, too: He has been workin’ over time.  With my being pregnant, he worries; and won’t let me lift anything!  It’s sweet; and I’m extremely grateful.  I’m trying to get as much done as possible before baby comes.  Once baby is here, I’m not doing anything except spending time with my newborn.  The parties will start again next year.  ;03

This event was pretty crazy, too.  Since we’re still in our experimental stages, we’ve run into a few snags with ticket purchases, head counts, and class times!  I double booked my class on accident, thinking that no one would sign up for my Adult Drawing Class!  So I booked Thursday evening before my rec center classes started, and then BAM!  Instant-comped-tickets.  Ha!  Oh, well, my drawing students had a blast painting with me and making friends!


—>  Check out pix from Thursday night’s event  <—