November 14, 2015

Friday Afternoon Luncheon

The Golden Hour, in my opinion, is from 11am – 2pm.  That’s the time, typically, that I can get the most amount of work done.  Where I strictly focus on research and items on my “List of Things To Do” (I call it “Do Me” HA!) to move me just that ONE step closer to my goals.  It’s the time that I utilize the most, especially for my business.  So, THIS event was pretty awesome.  I moved myself closer to my goals, whilst having lunch and painting with the girls!  We got to sit on the lovely veranda, at The Silver Spur Grill, which is a bar and grill located at The Duke golf course!  It was a beautiful day; sunny, but cool.  And our lovely hostess even lit the outdoor fireplace for us!  We were surrounded by green rolling hills and golf carts.  lol!

Pretty cool, too: I think I may have more interested attendees!  Many people came to ask if I would be doing this again, so they picked up a card, and more people responded positively on social media; saying that they’d attend if I did something like this again!

Unfortunately, it conflicted with my children’s schedule, so I had to keep them home from school.  FORTUNATELY, they were of great help to me.  They had lunch at their very own little table, basking in the sun, and helped me load up the car when we were finished!  AND with minimal sibling warfare.  =0D

I really love my babies.  They’re “my reason.”  So this event was a neat combination of art, fun, and workin’ the family business together.

Check out pix from my show!

=>Art & Sip @ The Silver Spur<=