January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from the Wilson’s!

This year, I’ve resolved to get my body back! =0) Within reason. We ALL need to get back on track. This holiday season has been PHENOMENAL!! We were blessed with a new little life; we were surrounded by people that love us; we had amazing meals, and lots and LOTS of laughs. But all this rich food and minimal movement, has taken it’s toll on our bodies. This year we will be doing a lot more activities! My son has physical therapy, now: Which I’M really excited about. I hope he likes it.

This year I will also be hitting the art scene a little harder, and in more places! I’m hoping to take these painting events home with me, and share it with my family. I’m really looking forward to this summer!

We will ALSO be going to a family reunion in Maui this summer.

Lots of great stuff in store for the Wilsons in 2016! Can’t wait.