January 18, 2016

Back at it!

These last few weeks have been CRAY-ZEEEEE!!

Today was cool.  I got to meet up with the girls at Art on the Veranda.  I missed them!  They got to meet the baby.  The kids came too, because they had the day off, and we all got yummy smoothies for breakfast.  Then I dropped off paintings and marketing materials at my local venues.  Then I came home, and got to work!  =0)

The baby is doing well.  She’s already growing like a weed.  ::le sigh::  My eldest is having some problems, though.  We found out that he needs glasses; he may need surgery on his feet (we’re getting a second opinion on that one); and the doctor says his cholesterol is very high and his iron level is very low?  So, we’re revamping his lifestyle this year!  This should be fun.  =0)

I’m starting up my events, again, at the end of the month and I feel really rusty!  I haven’t taught a class in almost 2 MONTHS!  I’m really excited, but a little nervous at the same time.  A lot has changed!  I don’t think I’ll be returning to a few venues.  But!  I think I WILL be holding events at new ones.  “Where one door closes,” right?  Kind of odd, too, I have trolls following me from previous “employers.”  Hmm…  You know you’re successful when people follow and mimic you.