1466005701541Well, HI!!!

You made it!

I’m Kaui (like “Maui“) Wilson.  I’m a professional artist and entrepreneur.   I teach painting and drawing classes, too.  I’ve helped HUNDREDS of people create their very own unique masterpieces, and I encourage creative freedom!   Art is…  My talent.  It just nourishes my soul – it’s who I am.  Plus, it’s fun!

I’m a mommy of 3 little kids and a wife of 11 years. I’m blessed and grateful to be gifted with such special people in my life.

I AM Hawaiian (how’d you guess?!)?! I was born in Honolulu, HI and I grew up in Napa, CA.  I came to Phoenix, AZ for college – where I met my husband.

I like swimming, fishing, gaming, hiking, barbecues with friends, beer, and playing cards.

Actual Credentials

I have 2 degrees: An AAS in Graphic Design and a BA in Media Arts & Animation.