House Parties


You guys! I’m super excited about this: I’m giving out $20 tickets for my birthday!  (OCTOBER 2nd: Mark your calendar – 24 hours only!) PLUS!  Because Kaui Wilson, LLC has been in business ONE FULL YEAR, I’m giving out SUPER CHEAP tickets for the first week of OCTOBER!!  EEE!!!  AND to anyone who comes to […]

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Work, work, WORK!

  I’ve been workin’ like CRAZY!  Check out my new store on Amazon.  Now YOU can have all the supplies I have (and then some!)!!r Kaui’s Art Supplies Lemme know what you think!

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First House pARTy of 2016!

Check out pictures from my first House pARTy of the YEAR!!  These girls were so much fun; and I had a great time.  Cheers to Philis, on her 78th birthday!!   SALUT!!    

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